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Sektionssprecher "Computational Neuroscience"

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Prof. Dr. Ad Aertsen

Institute of Biology III
Neurobiology and Biophysics
Schaenzlestrasse 1
79098 Freiburg
phone: +49 (0)761-203-2718 or 2786 (secr.)
fax: +49 (0)761-203-2786

Prof. Dr. Ad Aertsen

Curriculum Vitae

Academic Background

1966 - 1973
Studies in Physics and Applied Mathematics, Univ. Utrecht (NL)
MSc in Physics
1973 - 1981
PhD studies, Dept. Medical Physics & Biophysics (P. Johannesma), Univ. Nijmegen (NL)
PhD in Physics, Thesis: Spectro-Temporal Characterization of Auditory Neurons
1981 - 1982
Postdoc Biophysics, Dept. Medical Physics & Biophysics (P.Johannesma, J. Eggermont), Univ. Nijmegen (NL)
1983 - 1984
Postdoc Physiology, Dept. Physiology (G. Gerstein), Univ. Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (USA)

Research Positions

1984 - 1990
Research Assistant, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics (V. Braitenberg), Tübingen (Germany)
1990 - 1994
Research Associate and Workgroup leader, Institute for Neuroinformatics (W. von Seelen) and Dept. of General Zoology and Neurobiology (K.-P. Hoffmann), Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany
1994 - 1996
Associate Professor, Dept. Neurobiology, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot (Israel)
1996 - present
Professor in Neurobiology and Biophysics, Institute of Biology III, Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg


Recording, analysis and modeling of neuronal activity in cortical networks, neural assembly coding, cortical dynamics, brain theory, computational neuroscience


single- and multiple-neuron recordings in slices and in vivo, design and application of advanced data analysis techniques for neuronal and behavioral data, neural network modeling using mathematics and large-scale network simulations

Förderpreise und Auszeichnungen

Scientific Honors, Editorial Boards, Other Scientific Activities

1990 - 1991
Lady Davis and Minerva Visiting Professor, Dept. Physiology, Hadassah Medical School, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem (Israel)
Call for Professorship Neuroinformatics, Fac. Informatics, University Ulm
1995 - present
Member Editorial Board Biological Cybernetics
1997 - present
Member Editorial Board Theory in Biosciences
1997 - present
Faculty Member, International (EU,FENS,IBRO,Riken) Summer Schools and Training Programs in Computational Neuroscience and Network Physiology (Crete, Jerusalem, Trieste, Kitzbühel, Riken-Tokyo, Obidos)
1999 - present
President of NeurAG - Neuroscience Federation Freiburg
1999 - present
Member Scientific Board Neurex - Tri-National Network of Neurosciences Upper Rhine Valley
2001 - present
Member Editorial Board Journal of Neuroscience Methods
2001 - present
Member Board of Directors, Center for Neuroscience (Zentrum für Neurowissenschaften ZfN), University Freiburg
2002 - present
Member Editorial Board Neuroinformatics
2003 - present
Elected Member Board of Directors, Computational Neuroscience Organization
2003 - present
Action Editor Neural Computation
2003 - 2006
Course Director, IBRO/FENS/EU Advanced Course Computational Neuroscience, Obidos (Portugal)

Ausgewählte Publikationen

  • Heck D, Kümmell F, Thach WT, Aertsen A (2002)
    Dynamic correlation of neuronal activity in rat cerebellar cortex modulated by behavior.
    Ann NY Acad Sci 978: 156-163
  • Kuhn A, Rotter S, Aertsen A (2003)
    Higher-order statistics of input ensembles and the response of simple model neurons.
    Neural Computation 15: 67-101
  • Kuhn A, Rotter S, Aertsen A (2002)
    Correlated input spike trains and their effects on the response of the leaky integrate-and-fire neuron.
    Neurocomputing 44-46: 121-126
  • Egert U, Heck D, Aertsen A (2002)
    Two-dimensional monitoring of spiking networks in acute brain slices.
    Exp Brain Res 142: 268-274
  • Gütig R, Aertsen A, Rotter S (2002)
    Significance of coincident spikes: Count-based versus rate-based statistics.
    Neural Computation 14: 121-153