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Die folgende Aufstellung listet Institutionen, die vorrangig oder unter anderem den wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs in den Neurowissenschaften und neurowissenschaftliche Forschung fördern. Sie erhebt keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit. Ergänzungen, Hinweise für weitere Einträge und Korrekturen sind jederzeit willkommen. Bitte richten Sie alle Anmerkungen an die Geschäftsstelle der NWG (


Name:Grass Fellowship Program, Marine Biological Laboratory
Art der Förderung:Fellowship
Information:The 14-week Grass Fellowship Program provides early-career investigators with an unparalleled opportunity to develop and conduct independent neuroscience research projects within the vibrant scientific community of the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), Woods Hole. Fellows function as both an intellectual and social group during their stay and routinely interact with prominent scientists to build a support network of peers and researchers in their field. In addition to US citizens and permanent residents, J1 and H1B holders are encouraged to apply. The fellowship is open to graduate students, postdocs and junior faculty. Your proposal does not have to be different from the project you are working on so take advantage of the equipment loaner program, the imaging opportunities at the MBL, the cool summer and resident researchers etc! Former fellows have called the program: “the most enriching experience of my early scientific life,” “the greatest training experience imaginable,” and "one of the most important experiences of my career.”
Applications for the 2013 Grass Fellowship Program are now available at the Grass Foundation website.
The deadline for applications is December 5, 2012.
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