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Job Market

On a regular basis all members receive e-mails with job ads, information on grant programs, stipends and much more.


The journal Neuroforum is published quarterly in German language. Members receive the journal free of charge. Neuroforum contains review articles, book reviews, historical and methodological articles, information on grant programs, prizes and others. In addition, the review articles are published in English with SpingerLink. The members of the German Neuroscience Society have free online access.

Methodological Courses

In collaboration with the German Graduate Schools the German Neuroscience Society offers methodological courses to members and non members. These workshops offer insights into the latest methodological approaches, complemented by theoretical seminars.


The Goettingen- meeting of the German Neuroscience Society are held in the odd years, alternatively to the FENS meetings in the even years. The meetings attempt to represent the wide spectrum of disciplines in neuroscience research.

With more than 1.800 partipants this meeting is one of the biggest neuroscience conferences in Europe.

Members of the German Neuroscience Society participate at a reduced fee, however, also non-members are welcome to this meeting.

Proceedings of former meetings: see archive

The German Neuroscience Society offersstipends to young investigators for their participation inthe meetings of the Society as well as for the FENS-Forum

The Schilling Forschungspreis and the Till Photonics technology prize are biennially awarded by the German Neuroscience Society to young investigators.

Workshop for School Teachers

The German Neuroscience Society offers an educational program for school teachers at several places in Germany.

European Journal of Neuroscience

The membership of the NWG entitles you to access to the electronic version of European Journal of Neuroscience (EJN). This journal is available through Synergy - the online journal service from Blackwell Science and Munksgaard.

German Brain Bee: the German Neuro-Olympics

The German Brain Bee, also known as the German Neuro-Olympics, is a nationwide competition for high school kids ranging from grade 9 to 13, and is part of the international Brain Bee program. The contest is held in English language and consists of five stages: a short written test, a practical test in neuroanatomy, for which brain models and authentic human brain tissue is used, a diagnosis of a human disease based on videos and the case history, and finally two rounds of question by the jury. These interviews include topics such as intelligence, emotions, memory, perception, and neurological diseases. The winners of the national contest represent Germany at the international Brain Bee contest, which is held annually during an international scientific congress.

The contest was initiated in Heidelberg in 2011 and is organized since 2016 by the non-profit organization Deutsche Neurowissenschaften-Olympiade e.V. and its members who are students, Ph.D. students and lecturers.

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