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Based on the extraordinary advances in neuroscience research during the last decades, this field of research developed into one of the leading disciplines of biology and medicine. Countless new findings in brain research contribute to elucidate the basic understanding of life. This includes the knowledge of fundamental subcellular processes as well as of the complex behaviour of living beings. Neuroscience research provides the key insight for many diseases, some of which are of prominent importance due to the fact that life expectancy of humans in the Western society has increased considerably over the last century (e.g. Alzheimer disease). Moreover, the nervous system with its neuronal nets has become a model for calculating algorithms.

These are the reasons why the nineties were declared the "Decade of the Brain" by the Senat of the United States of America and the President. This statement well reflects the rapid development of neuroscience research and is best demonstrated by the enormous growth and attractivity of the American "Society for Neuroscience" over the last decades. A similar development was observed in Europe where the "European Neuroscience Association" (ENA) and also several national societies were founded. After the reunification a national Neuroscience Society was founded in Germany in 1993.

The flourishing development of neuroscience makes it obvious that this field involves a large number of traditional disciplines: neuroscientists work in institutes for molecular, cell, and developmental biology, but also in departments of zoology, anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, psychology, pathology, and pharmacology as well as in clinics for neurology, neurosurgery, or psychiatry. Thus, by the end of the 20th century a process which is of increasing importance was documented by the foundation of this society, namely the growing together of the various disciplines which try to elucidate the development, the functioning, the capacities, and the disfunctions of the brain and the nervous system.

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