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Study Neuroscience Programs in Germany

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The directory below lists study programs in neuroscience in Germany Most of them accept foreign students. This list is not exhaustive. Corrections and information on more programs are always welcome. (

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Name:DFG funded Research Training School "InterNeuro" Leipzig
University Institute:University of Leipzig
Information:The research training School involves 9 research teams at institutes and clinics of the Medical Faculty, of the Faculty for Biosciences, Pharmacy, and Psychology, and of the Faculty for Physics and Geosciences, as well as at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences. Several teams are additionally integrated in the "Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research" (IZKF) of the University of Leipzig.
The specialized combination of methods and models will be supplemented by a systematic course of study which consists of lectures, seminars, colloquia, and technical courses, and will involve internationally leading guest scientists. In particular, the lecture series - representing the entire field of neurosciences on selected topics - is aimed at a comprehensive systematic training of the fellows. Special emphasis will be put on the training of scientific communication.
The Research Training School “InterNeuro” will be funded for another 2 ½ years and can therefore be very interesting only for PhD students who already started the PhD in a different lab (or country).
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