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FENS (Federation of European Neuroscience Societies)

The GNS is on of the founding members of FENS, mangurated in 1998. In the meantime, FENS has 27 national and 6 monodisciplinary member societies.

FENS has initiated a number of programs with to goal to support neuroscience research in Europe. All GNS members are automatically FENS-members and thus are entitled to profit of FENS services:

FENS website:

FENS Meetings: FENS meetings and events offer a wide range of learning- networking- and professional development opportunities. Learn about current topics in your field of interest, network with top figures in neuroscience, meet with your European peers whether from basic, translational or clinical neuroscience research, and share best practices with colleagues from around the world.

FENS Training: FENS actively supports graduate education and postgraduate training in neuroscience in Europe through a variety of initiatives. A new training framework launched in 2014 proposes appealing activities for students, post-docs and early career neuroscientists. Looking ahead and supporting the next generation is a key priority for FENS.

FENS Awards: Every second year FENS announced four award: the FENS EJN Award, the Boehringer Ingelheim FENS Research Award, the EJN Best Publication Award and the EJN Young Investigator Award.

EJN online: All FENS members, i.e. all individual members of the FENS member societies have free access to EJN-online.

FENS Job Market: This database offers the possibility to place job ads and to search for jobs.

FENS Benefits: FENS members can apply for one of the free abstract slots for the SfN Meeting, linked to a reduced registration fee, and take advantage of special offers from publishers.

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