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The journal Neuroforum is published quarterly in a print version in German language. In addition, the review articles of each issue are published online in English at Springer link. Members receive the print version free of charge and receive a free login to the online version. Neuroforum contains review articles, book reviews, historical and methodological articles, information on grant programs, prizes and others.
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Kosmos Gehirn

The broschure "Kosmos Gehirn" was published in 2001 in German language and offers a broad overview on neuroscience research to the general public.
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"Brain Facts-Das Gehirn"

„Das Gehirn“ is an easily understandable introduction to the structure, the functions and the diseases of the brain and the nervous system with many illustrations. “Das Gehirn” is a publication of the American Society for Neuroscience (“Brain Facts”) and was translated to German by the NWG member Prof. Dr. Uwe Ilg with the financial support of the Hertie Foundation.
The brochure can be downloaded here.

Video biographies

Video Biographies Famous German neuroscientists report in an interview about her life and her work.

Animal use in research

The comment of the GNS about animal use in research and the broschure of the DFG
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European Journal of Neuroscience

All members of the German Neuroscience Society have free access to the electronic version of the European Journal of Neuroscience (EJN).
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